Friday, May 3, 2013

Saginaw River Passage - May 3rd

The tug Gregory J. Busch, assisted by a few front-end loaders, moved the USS Edson on Friday about 200 yards further upriver.  Edson now rests in front of the North Star dock, up from the Essexville Wirt Sand & Stone Dock, where she has been since she arrived on the Saginaw River last summer.  The USS Edson's permanent home, just below the Independence Bridge in Bay City is still not 100% complete.  It is not known why the short move upriver today, but the water is somewhat deeper there, and it is assumed the move was in preparation for the move to her permanent dock when complete.
Tug Gregory J. Busch moving the USS Edson upriver to the North Star Dock

Close up view

Gregory J. Busch moving the USS Edson in closer to the bank

Stern close up

Tug Karl Luedtke and Derrick Barge 16 dredging off the Lafarge Cement dock in Essexville

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