Friday, May 23, 2014

Saginaw River Passages - May 23rd

The Saginaw River saw plenty of action on Friday as there were a number of vessel movements to start the holiday weekend.  After unloading overnight, the tug Samuel de Champlain, and her cement barge, Innovation, departed the Lafarge Cement dock in Essexville and met the waiting tug Manitou in the Essexville Turning Basin.  Manitou assisted getting the pair turned around and headed back out to the lake.  Next, after spending the past nine plus days tied up at the Wirt Stone Dock in Bay City due to strong river currents, the tug Olive L. Moore and her barge, Lewis J. Kuber, departed the dock and made their way up to the Airport Turning Basin.  The tug Manitou then assisted in getting the Moore and Kuber spun around and on their way towards open water.  One finished turning the vessels, Manitou departed the Saginaw River and headed for home.  Inbound on Friday was the Dorothy Ann-Pathfinder, who called on the Bay Aggregates dock in Bay City to unload.  The pair were expected to be outbound later in the day.

Tug Manitou approaching the Olive L. Moore to assist pushing the stern around at the Airport Basin

Getting a line on the Olive L.

Nose of the Lewis J. Kuber up near the bank as the stern swings around

Turned around and headed outbound

Tug Manitou departing LaFarge Cement in Essexville and headed back home after a job well done.

Captain David Malcolm expertly working to turn the Samuel de Champlain

Wheelhouse of the Manitou

Samuel de Champlain - Innovation clear of the Lafarge Cement dock and headed for the Essexville Turning Basin

Approaching the stern of the Samuel de Champlain

Tug Manitou putting her bow on the Champlain to start pushing

Manitou pouring on the power

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