Monday, August 15, 2011

Saginaw River Passages - August 15th

Algorail was outbound Monday morning after unloading salt overnight at the Sargent dock in Zilwaukee. Inbound on Monday was the tug Olive L. Moore, with the barge Lewis J. Kuber. The pair traveled upriver to unload at the Burroughs dock in Zilwaukee. The tug Zeus and her tank barge, Robert F. Deegan, were inbound Monday night for the Dow Chemical Oxy dock in Bay City. The tug Tenacious was downbound Monday night, moving from the Sargent dock in Zilwaukee to the Essroc dock in Essexville.

Algorail outbound nearing the Independence Bridge

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  1. Wow, that ship is in serious need of a paint job. Of course maybe the rust is the only thing that is holding her together. Nice pic at any rate.