Sunday, June 16, 2024

Saginaw River Passage - June 14, 2024: Alpena

Alpena departing the Holcim Cement Dock in Essexville after unloading, heading the short distance upriver to the Essexville Turning Basin to turn and head for the lake.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Saginaw River Passage - June 14, 2024: Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder inbound on the Saginaw River, headed for the Wirt Stone Dock to unload the first half of a split cargo.

Saginaw River Passage - June 14, 2024: Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder & Alpena

Dorothy Ann-Pathfinder were inbound on the Saginaw River Friday evening, bringing a split cargo for the Wirt Stone Docks in Bay City and Saginaw. Alpena departed Holcim Cement after the pair cleared, going up to the Essexville turning basin, turning and heading outbound for the lake.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Saginaw River Passage - June 12, 2024: Northern Venture

Northern Venture was back on the Saginaw River, making her 4th visit of the season on Wednesday. She arrived with a split cargo, stopping first to unload at the Port Fisher/Bay Aggregates Dock in Bay City, then continuing upriver to finish unloading at the ACE/Saginaw Asphalt - Crow Island Dock. Northern Venture was turned and back outbound for the lake early Thursday morning.

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Saginaw River Passage - June 7, 2024: Robert S. Pierson

I gave the drone a rest and went back to my roots on Friday, shooting Robert S. Pierson with my DSLR, and I have to admit, it was very enjoyable! No worries, no planning, just sitting there watching her come in and snapping a few photos. I am not grounding the drone anytime soon, but I will make it a point to do this more often.
Oh yeah, Robert S. Pierson was inbound on the Saginaw River, delivering a split load to the Burroughs North Dock in Essexville and the ACE/Saginaw Paving - Crow Island Dock in Saginaw.

Saginaw River Passage - June 6, 2024 - Part 2: John J. Boland

As John J. Boland backed her way down to the section of the Saginaw River between the Port Fisher slip and Holcim Cement to turn, the sun peeked out nicely for a few shots. This location isn't an "official" turning basin, but if there is no vessel unloading at Holcim Cement, it offers a spacious place to make the swing.

Friday, June 7, 2024

Saginaw River Passage - June 6, 2024: John J. Boland

John J. Boland arrived on the Saginaw River Thursday morning, calling on the Wirt Stone Dock in Bay City. Once finished unloading, Boland backed from the dock, through the Independence and the Lake State Railway Bridge, before turning off the Port Fisher/Bay Aggregates slip and heading for the lake.