Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saginaw River Update - 2014 Season Start

The Saginaw River is still awaiting the first commercial vessel delivery of the 2014 shipping season, but even with all of the delays and troubles across the Great Lakes due to ice; it is not unusual to not have a commercial vessel passage at this point of the year.  Over the past nine seasons, here are the dates for the first commercial vessel passage on the Saginaw River:

2013 – April 16
2012 – April 2
2011 – April 12
2010 – March 31
2009 – April 18
2008 – March 27
2007 – March 25
2006 – March 26
2005 – March 28

The U.S. Coast Guard has twice scheduled a break out of the Saginaw River Entrance Channel and has then cancelled it both times due to assets being needed elsewhere.  Currently, the Saginaw River is ice free, and at the mouth of the river, the shipping channel is open water out to at least the Confined Disposal Island.

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