Sunday, September 27, 2015

Saginaw River Passages - September 25th-27th

A pair of American Steamship Company vessels and one from Grand
River Navigation/Lower Lakes Transportation called on Saginaw River Docks
in the past three days.  H. Lee White was first in, calling on the
Burroughs North dock in Essexville on the 25th.  American Mariner was
next, stopping across the river from her fleet mate and unloading at the
Bay Aggregates dock in Bay City on the 26th.  Very early on the morning
of the 27th, Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber were inbound, traveling all
the way up to the last commercial dock at the Sixth Street Turning Basin,
and unloading at the Lafarge Stone dock in Saginaw.

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