Saturday, October 13, 2012

Low Water on The Saginaw River

On Thursday, October 11th, high wind out of the Southwest pushed water out of the Saginaw Bay and River, dropping the levels more than three feet below datum.  Many structures, and long abandonded or burned vessels, normally underwater, were exposed to view.  The following photos were taken aboard the tour vessel Princess Wenonah:

The water level is normally back into the vegitation

The timbers supporting the Bay City Boat Lines Dock are exposed

Located south of the old Cass Avenue Bridge, this old hull is normally under water. 
The old Saginaw Valley Marine Terminal is in the Background
View of the old James Davidson Fleet, burned to the waterline years ago. 
These wrecks are just off the old Davidson Drydock
These two hulls are located just south of the old Cass Avenue Bridge and are usually underwater
Another view of an old James Davidson hull
Another view of one of the Cass Avenue hulls


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