Sunday, June 2, 2013

Saginaw River Passages - June 2nd

The big tug, Olive L. Moore, uncoupled from the Lewis JKuber Sunday morning, and headed downriver from the Burroughs dock in Zilwaukee, bound for the Wirt dock in Bay City.  There, she met up the the tug Manitou, who had recently arrived on the Saginaw River, and together they assisted in turning the Manitowoc in the Wirt basin.  The Moore and Manitou made quick work of the turn and Manitowoc was outbound from the river late Sunday morning.
Olive L. Moore and Manitou assisting the Manitowoc in turning around at the Bay City Wirt Basin

After escorting Manitowoc out of the river, the Manitou traveled upriver to where the Moore-Kuber have been tied up at Burroughs since early on the 29th of May.  With still too much current to turn around, Manitou tied off to the Moore with plans of trying again tomorrow if conditions cooperate.

The tug Champion arrived on the Saginaw River late Sunday afternoon with two barges of equipment for the Consumers Energy dock in Essexville.  She remained there Sunday night.

Olive L Moore heading back up the Saginaw River  to re-attach to the Lewis J. Kuber

Tug Manitou along side the Olive L. Moore at Burroughs in Zilwaukee

Champion inbound for the Consumers Energy dock in Essexville
Tug Champion


  1. Great pictures as usual Todd thanks fir posting them to share with us. Makes me feel at home seeing your pictures as I grew up in Saginaw and spent maney days chaseing the boats up and down the Saginaw River. That current must really be running strong if with two tugs the Kuber still cant be turned. Im supprised they dont have the Bush help also or just back out and turn in the bay. Thanks again Todd. Dan McNeil

  2. Thanks Dan. The Busch isn't around here right now. Not sure where she is right now, but a week or so ago I saw her in Toledo. The Kurt Luedtke has helped both the Joe Thompson and Kuber with backing into the Bay Aggregates slip so far this year as well.